Founding Faculty

Luis Cayetano is an aspiring sleuth with a background in evolutionary ecology and an interest in too many other things. His interest in UFOs more specifically stems from his desire to counter extremism and pseudoscience, and in his fascination with how ideas and beliefs are generated. Look, he’s not saying it’s the psychosocial hypothesis…but it’s the psychosocial hypothesis. Might also be a bit of atmospheric plasma thrown in.
Find Luis on YouTube and at his website, Ufology is Corrupt.

Nick Coffin-Callis is a dubious layman.
Find Nick on Twitter @invnightschool

Leah Prime is an ex-academic-turned-technologist. Leah has a Bachelor’s from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and completed graduate work at Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing. She is fascinated by Jungian myth, emergent phenomenon (spiritual awakenings, mystical experiences, and altered states of consciousness), and the history of esoteric and hidden knowledge. When she’s not plumbing the depths of the numinous, Leah is an avid outdoorswoman, bibliophile, and Wagnerfanatik.
Find Leah on Twitter @leahprime

Campbell Moreira is a Canadian small business owner, science writer, and the creator of, a non-profit educational website designed to help people study the UAP subject through academic sources. Campbell graduated with an HBA (MCL) in analytic philosophy from University of Ottawa and attended Queen’s University’s Juris Doctor program before dropping out and founding a federally-licensed commercial cannabis cultivation business in 2019.
Find Campbell at and on Twitter at @UAPstudy

Sparks is an electrical industry professional and a member of the aviation community. She enjoys exploring the cultural, psychological, and aeronautical aspects of the UFO topic to gain a holistic understanding of how and why people see and experience UFOs. When she is not working or researching, she takes to the skies in a Cessna Skycatcher, where she always has her eyes peeled for interesting things.